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What does your morning make-up routine look like? Is applying make-up even part of your routine?

It’s something I’ve been thinking quite a bit about recently, a foundation-free face, and although I attempt a natural looking application, it’s the benefit to my skin that’s piqued my interest.

I’m not one to have big spot break-outs, but I’d also be lying if I’m not prone to a few here and there, and then it’s a devil’s circle.Having a clear face = 👍🏽 but heading out with a spotty bare face = 👎🏽

Particularly those days when I am spotty, it’s then when I most want to make myself feel good and lovely, and when I do opt to cover up those little beasts.

And whilst it’s not about looking appealing to others, it’s feeling lovely for yourself. 

Mineral make-up

The products in mineral make-up are natural, free of chemicals, and any other preservatives, meaning there’s less of a chance of skin becoming irritated or aggravated.  

Mineral make-up is therefore a fab option for those with sensitive skin, and if you’re like me, wanting to clear out those spots. The use of natural minerals means it’s non-comedogenic, meaning pores do not clog as a result.

Yipee to less spots!

Introducing Jody Knight

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out some beauty products created by Jody Knight, who is a permanent make-up artist, also offering medical tattooing.

Jody’s work is all about making a real difference to peoples lives, whether it is purely aesthetically, or as a result of recovering from an illness.

Either way, it’s all about self-worth, esteem and feeling absolutely fabulous about yourself, from the inside out. 


This mineral primer is a two-in-one product. You can use this as the standard powder primer, used before your foundation application, or as a finishing powder to smoothen out your final look, hiding pores or fine lines.

You could even use it for both in the same routine.

The powder comes in a 6g tub with a sifter which is easy to remove. Sifters are great if you’re not looking for a powder avalanche, yet I tend to remove the sifters for quicker and easier use. Neutral in colour, the powder offers a very silky texture that covers the skin well, without feeling heavy or excessive. I’ve used the product as both primer and finisher, and really like the overall impact it has by reducing any clear signs of blemishes.

If I had to choose over using the product as a primer or finisher, it would be the finisher, as I felt its results were more visible then. I’ve also used the powder quite simply on its own for a sheer look, and loved the subtle benefits it brought, making my face feel and look fresher.


There’s been plenty of occasions when applying mascara, that by going for one more coat, the lashes clump. Over stepping the ‘mascara mark’.One thing I really like about this mascara is its ability to avoid clumping. Its design, to give off a natural look, accentuates the eyes softly, and although it thickens and darkens the lashes, it’s a very genuine and pure way of doing so.

On first application, I couldn’t see much change, but after several eyelash flutters, there was quite a difference between the eyes, adding to the depth and colour.The mascara itself combines the nourishing properties of natural oil plants, the thickening and strengthening properties of vegetable waxes, and the intensity of colour from long lasting natural mineral pigments.

After a day of wear, the mascara didn’t crumble, smudge, or make my eyes feel itchy. And in terms of my standard bedtime wet-wipe removal, within seconds the mascara was wiped away. No hassle at all. 

Looking into the benefits of mineral make-up has really made me consider mixing up the make-up I use. Although I’ll still use my other fave beauty products, I’ll be keeping an eye out on mineral alternative to give my skin a refreshing break. 

What are your thoughts on mineral make-up? Have you used them before, and if so, which would you recommend? 

Look love to hear from you,

Charlotte xox

*Both products were sent to me as PR samples, yet all views are completely my own.
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    I’ve been using Bare Minerals ever since I started using makeup properly. Minerla makeup is the best, covers what needs to be covered but still keeps a fresh feel to my face 🙂 Looking beaut as always my dear x

    • Reply

      Aw thank you my love! I’m definitely going to start using mineral makeup more, need to look after this skin 🙂 I’m intrigued to see in a few months time how my complexion differs.

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