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Looking at the response and interest from the Community Business Weekend, and having spoken to so many lovely businesses and people attending, businesses ran by the community are pivotal to our society.

They give a purpose and bring people together on so many levels. Whether it’s a joint mission to save businesses from going under, to providing that service to give back to the local area, to getting involved to help and support them. I recently interviewed Bramley Baths to find out more about their story and impact. 

These businesses give back in so many ways, and most importantly, is created all down to the commitment and hard work from people like you and me, a neighbour, that someone you sat next on the bus, or that person you saw crossing the road. 

We are the driving forces behind them, and in return, creates a social and enterprise hub for young and old, a space where collaboration is welcomed.During the #CBwkd19, we stopped by in Headingley, the HEART Centre. I’ve been before, having supported an event hosted by the Guide Dogs, a blind folder charity dinner. What I love about this venue is the diverse activity going on within their four walls. Whether it’s music, art, theatre, quizzes, clothes swap, workshops, there’s a real buzz here at all times. 

With just about taking our third step into the building, we were immediately greeted and fell into discussion with The Green Yard team. Sat by the entrance selling various succulents, cacti and the likes, the small and independent plant shop operates at HEART.

With a passion for plants and flowers, they’re keen to share their knowledge and interest with the rest of Leeds, whilst encouraging local businesses and plastic free growing. 

What I hadn’t known, and spotted later on Facebook, was this endearing post of how the Green Yard came to blossom.

This is just one tiny example of how one community business has supported a local venture. And looking through Twitter, over the Community Business Weekend, there were so many lovely stories and activities, I thought I’d share some highlights below.

If it’s one vital thing that the Community Business Weekend has given me, it’s a further awareness and nudge to support more community businesses. A conscious decision to invest more into these hubs that are positively impacting local areas and a desire to get to know them and their back story. For more information on Community Business Weekend, head over to their website.


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