48-hour retreat in Huércal-Overa, Spain


On our recent sunny escape to Spain, where we basked in all the sun, indulged in tapas and consumed Tinto de Verano, we decided to book a mini-retreat in the Spanish countryside.

What was essentially a stay-cation before heading back to the airport, we went off the beaten track and went as local as we could.There were several reasons why we picked Huércal-Overa for our final two days.

One of which being that it was along the route we needed to take for our trip back, but also close to some of the best beaches in Spain, and abundant in walks and trails that we could adventure to.

In the short amount of time we had, we were sure to find the right balance of enough to do whilst also being able to take in our surroundings.For both of the days, we picked one exciting trip and around them, decided adhoc what else we wanted to do. That included either trips to the beach, lounging by the pool or swinging in the hammock. Tough life, huh?

Visiting the owl cottage, Cortijo Búho

We spent one day in Benamaurel, where we visited an 11th-century cave house to meet expert falconer and animal lover, Lawrence and Matilda, and their extended fluffy family.

All within their home we met their birds of prey, being able to hold them and give them plenty of attention.To refuel, we were provided with a spot of lunch too, a ginormous portion of homemade paella and wine, before we continued to meet the rest of their winged family, plus time to fuss over their cats, dogs, meerkats and guinea pigs too.

Evening summer alfresco at Casa Rural Aloe Vera

With day one almost complete, we retired back to our home for the next two nights, Casa Rural Aloe Vera, an eco-friendly and organic farmhouse. Here, at the end of every adventurous day, we’d come back to our sanctuary and enjoy the peace and quiet, watching the sunset.During our stay, we were the only guests, and had full exclusivity. Our evening meals were home-cooked dishes with ingredients picked from the gardens, some of which were cooked by their solar kitchen too.

Dress: TK Maxx ~ Shoes: Lace & Favour

It was so humbling sitting out until the sun went down and even then, embracing the warmth. It was also the first chance I got to wear my new shoes from Lace & Favour too, as England prior to our trip was boasting its typical British summer – rain.

They made for the perfect evening footwear, shimmering in the sun, well-cushioned and chic.

Dress: TK Maxx ~ Shoes: Lace & Favour

To complement the natural beauty of the casa, and its abundance of flowers, I opted for my favourite flower dress from TK Maxx which is also my go-to wedding party outfit.

This simple combo of dress and heels will be making a regular appearance – it’s one of my fondest evening summer looks.

Exploring Castril

Our final day of exploring took us to the beautiful Castril Riverwalk. As it was a rather long drive of two hours, we decided to spend the full day in the area. We started by walking around the small village, traditional with steep and narrow cobbled streets, and we bewandered the built-up whitewashed houses and overgrown plants. Eventually we dropped down to the gorge, where we took the mountainous circular route, passing through tunnels and bridges, past waterfalls and following the ancient water channelling systems which were still in working order.

After three hours of walking and worshipping the sun, it was time for a well-deserved trip back to our casa to have our final meal and enjoy a celebratory beer or two for the lovely time we had. Spain is such a large country to explore, with so much culture and gastronomy to indulge. As tourists its easy to enjoy the mainstream areas, and whilst they’re still blissful holiday moments, we hugely appreciated a few days out in the serene, feeling as if we had conquered an undiscovered gem.

What’s your ideal kind of holiday?

Charlotte xox

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