You know you’re only half an adult when…


… you score 16 out of 30 for signs that you’re a kidult.

Or at least that’s what recently surveyed Brits who are over the age of 30, would say I am.

Hilarious. I’ve had an absolute bubble reading through this recent campaign by Tangerine Confectionery, makers of Sweet Champions, who made it their mission to find out what exactly the modern day ‘kidult’ looks like and at what age we could expect to grow out of it.

In preparation of just how *unadult* I am, the goodies the sweetie team sent my way was perfect to prove exactly their point.

The sweet box seal had been broken, the stickers attempted to be placed on the cat, and the adulting advice book read at random. There’s nothing quite as childish as reading numbered tips in the incorrect order.

Although, it’s a highly entertaining way to read fun facts on life’s struggles and statements. That includes how the need of toilet paper remains the same throughout your life until death. Touché.

So, you could now only assume that going forward in future posts, you too will now more than likely have no choice other than to be inundated with random grow-up tips or facts. Adulting_Book Adulting_Book1And in case you’re interested, Brits have voted 33 as the year they are prepared to ‘adult’. 

Boy, you just wait to hear what exactly depicts a typical trait of an adult that is yet to grow up. Some, I can understand, but others, I hope you’ll be equally as amused as I was. Anyway, here goes… 

Here are the 30 signs that reveal just how kidult you are

  • Watch whole box-sets in a weekend: of course, that’s what Netflix and weekends are for. The best thing is, we were quite late jumping on the hype of certain series, which meant we had gazillions worth of episodes to watch.
  • Have recently got a tattoo: well, I’m not entirely sure if two years ago counts, but hah, what funny ‘kidult’ sign. I guess that means I won’t grow up until I’m 60 odd.
  • Have set up a Whatsapp group with your friends: no, although I’m part of enough.
  • Used a Snapchat selfie filter on your profile pic: nope, although I do love a good filter.
  • Listen to Radio 1: No, not for a while now. Capital and Spotify and my guilty pleasures.
  • Voted for someone on the X Factor: No.
  • Have gone to a music festival: Absolutely…
  • Have bought a must-have pair of trainers: Yes, but seriously, that makes you a kidult?
  • Regularly raid the sweetie cupboard for treats: Every night. Ooops. It’s seriously a guilty pleasure that we just can’t stop. Oh well.
  • Have ridden a scooter to work/on the school run: No, but what a cool adult/parent!
  • Owned a novelty phone case: Yes. Why go for plain, if you can have a crazy fun phone case.
  • Queued for a new iPhone: Nope.
  • Downed a pint in one: Yes. Hahaha, I’m sure that makes our nation still kidults.
  • Worn skinny jeans: Yes. So, being an adults means baggy jeans or chinos? Hehehe.
  • Used a selfie stick: Yes, I mean, how else can work parties and awesome holiday shots exist. Boo. No one should feel bad for using a selfie stick unless it’s in a public confined space where a selfie stick would just be a nuisance.
  • Love eating a Sherbert Fountain or Dip Dab: Nope, I’m more for wine gums, so these get passed onto Nathan, which he is more than happy with. 
  • Worn a band t-shirt: No.
  • Worn ripped jeans: Yes. And I probably will when I surpass the voted kidult age.

  • Gone abroad on a stag or hen do: No, but here’s a shoutout to all my friends… I’m happy to do this. Very much!
  • Edited Social Media photos to make you look younger/ more attractive: Kinda. So yeah? I love the Walden Instagram filter so that’s pretty much the theme of my Insta.
  • Bought a pet rather than have a baby Yes, yes, yes. Cuthbert is our fluffy baby. *Covers up Cuthbert’s ears* He is the baby, and we wouldn’t want anything else, bloomin’ insult.Adulting_cat
  • Dumped a partner because you weren’t ready for anything serious: Umm, maybe when I was 14. Ha.
  • Use nicknames for all your friends: Yes. I mean it’s not something I’d do to try and make me young, it just happens. And really? Does that make you a kidult?
  • Let your parents do your washing, housework, DIY or gardening: Nope. Does it count though when you go home to visit?
  • Asked your parents to borrow money: No
  • Watched shows like TOWIE/Made in Chelsea/Ex on the beach/Love Island/Kardashians: Yes, Made in Chelsea is my ultimate fave.
  • Have gone straight to work after a night out: Nope. I once had a hangover at work, and that was the most exhausting thing ever… so no thank you.
  • Stayed up all night playing computer games: Nope.
  • Worn fancy dress for Halloween: Yes. Really? :/
  • Dyed your hair a crazy colour: Hahaha yes by accident, I wanted to go blonde and it went yellow. Oooooooops.


A not so surprising result I guess… I mean if anyone answered 100% no, well then, bloody hell, maybe you’ve gone past the adult stage. 

Anyway, who really wants to be fully grown up if if means not doing any of the above. Boooooooring. The survey also highlighted that 76% of Brits who are over the age of 30 confessed to struggling with adulting as many still live their lives as if they were in their teens or twenties.

Woohoo, well here’s to what seems to be a very youthful future ahead of us. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue munching on my sweeties, and learn a new grown-up tip each. Or whenever I feel like it. And should you give the kidult test a go, please do share the results 🙂 

Until then, kidult friends.

Charlotte xox 

PS. I was sent the ‘kidult’ box as part of the campaign, but all views as per usual are my own. And I defiintely ate most of the sweets on my own too. 
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