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Only then when you really start to question whether that right turn was the right turn, do you know you’ve reached your destination. Tucked away, in a quaint village in Lower Dunsforth – only after you’ve passed several miles of farmers fields, had a fair few occasions of zero phone signal, and you re-jig your sat-nav twice – have you made it to Hideaway Kitchen.The (not so) secret is in the name, that where you’re dining, is in fact a true hidden gem, not just in location but flavoursome adventures too.

Ran by Amelia and Georgina, the Hideaway Kitchen is powered by passion, memories and emotions, a combination of inspirations from their life and career experiences as well as family and friends.

Dished up here, are honest, simple and family-friendly creations, and most importantly, stunning flavours and combinations. The Hideaway Kitchen desires to create food that inspires and reconnects people.

Arriving at the restaurant, you’re greeted by a tall ivy-covered building, farm-house style with pond-green stained windows, thick brick and an abundance of trees and flowers from the surrounding garden. Stepping inside, the rooms are open and bright, a white décor, modern and chic yet rustic and rural at the same time. With painted pallets as room dividers, terracotta plant pots accessorising traditional brick chimneys, large oak tables, white-washed pianos, fairy lights and even more hanging greenery, you’re immersed into a cosy indoor garden. Seeking the simplicity and embracing the nature.

Our table was lined with tea lights and accompanying twigs for our placeholders. The Spanish themed menu was tempting, and the excitement was building up.  

To start… 

Vibrant and full of textures, our sharers consisted of huomous, dukkah and sourdough bread, with salty pork crackling strips, pickled cockle popcorn and jamon. So many exciting flavours. The table sat and crunched away on the pork crackling as we spoke about our favourite foods and thoughts on the menu.

The pickled cockle popcorn was a first for me, and as a lover of seafood, took quite the liking to the salty taste and the pickled process worked deliciously with the crisp batter.

To feast upon… 

To get a true feel for the dishes on the main menu, we tasted tested the restaurants four key dishes.

Fresh, light and celebrating colour, we were served a delicate crab, pea shoot, mojama and Nasturtium salad. This seafood dish was a divine balance of contrasting fish with the subtle tastes of the pulled crab in the main salad versus the salt-cured tuna (mojama) garnish. The pea shoots added the herby tastes that cut through the flavours of the fish and the tomatoes and Nasturtiums brought the artwork to the plate.Now one of my highlights was chicken satay, and instead of the traditional peanut sauce, it was served with a rich and sticky cashew variation instead. The combination was phenomenal, and a new firm favourite. Ahead of the dish being served, we saw Amelia outside, foraging in the restaurant’s herb garden. Freshly picked for our dish was Thai basil for the salsa, to accompany the chicken, mango and chilli. What a food explosion that creates. Next up, the tuna carpaccio with Parmesan and oregano. Never had tuna been so delicate and tender, or from my experience, even combined with parmesan and herbs. It was a beautiful dish that melted away in the mouth.

The accessories on top, added the ideal contrasting textures to the fish, with an extra sprinkle of salt to really make the flavours pop. Again, a favourite of mine, yet a typical unusual one that I wouldn’t have expected to have been. If you know me well, seeing lamb on a menu, you could already guarantee that’s what I’d have to go for. So of course, seeing a charred lamb rump with harissa sweet potatoes, mint, pea salad and a chimichurri dressing, immediately makes my mouth water. A tender meat with a fiery kick, I’m all yours.

This dish was in my top three too. But be warned, if you’re not into your spices, ask the team to tone down the spicy punch, but you won’t b disappointed with this African themed dish. 

To savour…

To complete the night, we finished off with a fruity smooth strawberry parfait, combining the flavours of pistachios, basil and strawberries. An elegant strawberry slice that was a very easy eat.    

I may have eaten my dessert a tad too quickly to get a photo, but here’s a delightful snap of my little parfait, my partner in crime. The Hideaway Kitchen is a comforting foodie gem, where you’ll be greeted with friendly faces, a welcoming atmosphere and an interior that will make you feel instantly at home. I’m already looking forward to heading back again on a cold and frosty night, to indulge in a meal and wine by the fireplace, and just enjoy life’s comfort in its fullest. 

Thank you to Victoria for organising such a lovely get together and for allowing us to experience and be welcomed into the Hideaway Kitchen

Charlotte xox

PS. This post is written on behalf of a press review, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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