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When it comes to hair styling, I’m quite basic, and you’ll often find me with my hair down, in a loose high ponytail or completely up and out of the way in a bun.

I enjoy how low maintenance my hair is, and lucky for me, I don’t really need to do much with it.

With wavy hair (and once you’ve understood its behaviour), more often than not, it dries and sits in a way where I’m happy with it. But there are also those days, where nothing looks right or feels good, and that typically happens when you don’t have the time for bad hair days, or it’s an important day.

Those days are just hair-raising.

My standard hair care routine is a typical morning wash with shampoo and conditioner, and then every other month I’ll apply a hair mask to replenish and care for it. And in terms of drying the hair, it’s all au-naturel, with the fresh air turning the waves into curls.I was recently introduced to the hair care brand, Neäl and Wølf, a collection I hadn’t had prior experience of, but is one used amongst salon professionals, so I was excited to get to know the products.

The brand is built upon the ethos of redefining ‘indulgence as a right not a privilege’, and I absolutely love that statement. It’s so true. We all work so hard, and life can be tricky at times, so yes, we should all be feeling fabulous from the hair down.

*Bad hair days often lead to days where nothing goes to plan and results to ultimate chaos.

*This is a bit of a myth, but I’ve definitely blamed bad hair à feeling bad à to having a rubbish day.

Sent my way was the Enchant bundle, containing shampoo and conditioner (Ritual range), and hair care extras such as nourishing oil, volumising mist, heat protection, and hairspray.


The packaging is lovely, elegant and sophisticated. Taken completely by surprise, in the most positive way, is the aroma across all of the products. I have never quite experienced hair products that have smelt so good. A strong floral scent, well balanced and very welcoming.After several weeks of using their products, I am still obsessed with the scents, and my hair smells delightful, amongst feeling and looking fresh. As silly as it may sound, but I really look forward to my morning showers and using the products.


In terms of the day to day of using the shampoo and conditioner, both are great and clean the hair well and products that are easy to wash out. The conditioner acts as a second dose of flower power and softens the hair after the shampoo, and again, I can’t emphasise how great the smell is.

My hair knots fairly easily and can be a tad troublesome when brushing, and with plenty of years of experience with washing my hair, I know the conditioners that give me a silky, knot-free solution.The Neäl and Wølf Ritual conditioner, as mentioned before is a lovely product, and does its job well, yet for days when my hair is particularly knotted or matted, I’d be more inclined to reach over to  my other conditioners, and save this one for when my hair is in less need of a hair emergency de-tangle.


From this bundle, what I am absolutely loving and can’t get enough of is the Velvet nourishing hair oil. It is an absolute dream.

For the first week, I was applying the oil every second day into my damp hair, and now being into the fourth week, once a week. If my hair is feeling particularly dry or I straightened it the day before, I’d apply one pump into the hair for a little kiss of life.  

What I super enjoy about the oil is that I can feel and see a difference immediately, and considering it adds the essentials oils back into the hair, it doesn’t leave the hair greasy.

As for the hairspray and heat protection spray, they are by far the best smelling ones I have ever used, with no nasty fake smells and free of the ‘everyday’ chemicals.Neäl and Wølf’s products are all free of Diethanolamide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Triclosan, chemicals prone to cause skin irritations, and surprisingly found in plenty of cosmetic products. 

The other day, I also spotted a colleague who had a Neäl and Wølf hand lotion. It goes without saying that I had to try the cream, and it smelled just as amazing.

I know I probably sound like a crazy lady banging on about the scents, but it is genuinely one of the best smells for s product I have ever smelt.

Once my hand lotions run out, this will be my next purchase.And what about you, have you ever heard of or tried a Neäl and Wølf product? Or is there a scent that you go crazy for?

I’d love to know in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox  

*I was sent the Enchant bundle to review and write an honest opinion. Everything I have written here was no way influenced apart from by my own experience. 
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