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Having come to Leeds just before the millennium in 1999, Malmaison has become one of the big names in the hotelier industry.And it’s no surprise. The hotel, brasserie and bar is quite the interesting venue. Sophisticated and fun. From pretty coloured glass lighting, to flashy wall murals, and upside down paintings.Not only is Malmaison a work of art,  it oozes Parisian flair, serving French inspired food and keeping the thirsty well-watered. Recently, the Leeds hotel had its first major refurb since its opening, giving their almost 20 year old rooms a new lease of life, staying true to their modern metropolitan boutique style.

The rooms

As part of Malmaison’s quirk, each hotel embraces regional differences, with the refurb allowing one being becoming the ultimate ode to the city. This one must be my favourite, alone the map of Leeds behind the bed is a fantastic touch.In terms of the other rooms, each have a set design, luxurious and chic, with quirky patterned walls, with grand furniture in elegant purples and greys. 

The cocktails

Carrying on the Leeds themed designs downstairs at the bar, the newest Malchemy menu has been carefully crafted for those classic consumers as well as the twisted tasters.The first cocktail we enjoyed was the Rhubarb Triangle, a gin cocktail inspired by Yorkshire’s very own history of the rhubarb. Sweet, and refreshing, a fabulous drink that’s easy to consume.

Explained by the bar manager, every Malmaison cocktail offering will feature one very exclusive drink for that region. It will be designed around the regions history or tell a story about it. A very nice touch. 

On a sweeter side, the other two cocktails I tried were exactly my cup of tea, cocktails I would happily drink all night.

The Orange Brûlée is a fun mix of Disaronno, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Hennessy VS, cream, and chocolate dust. Delicious. My ultimate favourite though was the Nutty 43. Anything with Licor 43, and I’m your gal. This dessert cocktail also included Tia Maria, Frangelico, and cream.

The food

The dining experience was on point. The room was neatly presented, with delicate fine tuning of cutlery, aligned to the mats, aligned to the plates, and the ornaments were quite the statement pieces. Jewelled tea light holders, filled glass bell domes and candle lanterns.

Chic and glam.Peering into the menu, I couldn’t wait to tuck in. The plentiful options all sounded magnifco, and for once, I was almost completely decisive when choosing.

For starters, seared Cornish sea scallops arrived beautifully, displayed in their shells with colourful extras from the chorizo, spinach purée, and samphire. The scallops were cooked to perfection, the smokiness from the chorizo added depth and the crunch from the samphire brought a new texture to the plate.

Keralan monkfish curry just sounds fantastic, don’t you think? I’m completely obsessed with seafood at the moment, so this dish made the mark for me. Monkfish, tiger prawn, clams, and mussels- a combination my belly rumbles to.This sweet and well spiced curry was served with a grilled coriander flat bread and fragrant rice.

Ten minutes later, the plate was empty. And the next was on its way.

Six shots of espresso, vanilla and white chocolate ice cream scoop, and a layer of coffee mousse later, the ultimate Affogato was served. Of course, a dessert isn’t a dessert, unless served with a recommended shot of liquor.Well, well, well, what a heavenly dessert we have here. Mouth-watering. Spine tingling. If you’re a big fan of coffee and cream like me, this dessert is a must try. And if it isn’t, send it my way. 

Now that’s one very well fed and watered foodie.

The evening was fantastic, and certainly my kind of night. Food, drinks and great company.  And from the lovely evening, there’s one very big key takeaway- Malmaison certainly know how to put on a glamourous food affair and tipples.

Have you wined and dined at Malmaison yet?

Charlotte xox

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