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Having opened in Leeds just over half a year ago, Franco Manca is an already well-established chain across Italy and the UK. With over 50 pizzerias, Leeds was the next fortunate chosen spot to be served up their tasty sourdough pizzas.

In a prime location, having taken over the former Pintura venue, you can sink your teeth into their menu just outside the Trinity shopping centre.With their grand three-floor building, plus heated outdoor seating, you’ll be guaranteed an eventful dining experience where at the heart of it plays a swift service and fresh, fulfilling food.

The menu is to the point. It’s humble, and digestible, with a handful of choices to not over-complicate your decisions. Add-ons, sides and light bites are available too, with no unnecessary flicking between ten’s of pages.It’s just real tasty pizza. Some of which are geared towards more classic flavours, some that prefer more adventurous ingredients, and those that may want it vegan. Easy.

For starters, we shared the spicy lamb sausage which came baked with tomatoes and potatoes and completed with melted mozzarella, plus the burrata with salami and bread. Oh my. We were in for a treat. Both dishes impressed us, from the taste of the lamb, right through to the creaminess of the cheese. After handing back our empty plates, and have chosen our mains, our conversation turned to the interior of Franco Manca. The pizza oven is a definite highlight, and upon entering the room, your eyes are immediately drawn to it. The restaurant itself has been set up to that Italian rustic feel, with big blackboards for the menu, wooden beams and plenty of hand-painted artwork on the wall. Upstairs, a similar theme continues with washed-out red walls adding to the Mediterranean vibes.  Having spotted the pizza’s arrival, I made a beeline for our table and wished us both a Buon Appetito.

Nathan chose pizza #3: a light tomato base served with the upgraded Yorkshire fennel sausage. dry San Marzano tomatoes, roasted potatoes and onions, British mozzarella, Colston Bassett stilton and seasonal pesto.

The flavours were rich, well thought out, and tasted very wholesome. I choose pizza #4: all loaded onto the little tomato base was roasted cured ham, British mozzarella, ricotta and wild mushrooms, and for a little extra greed, added on the spicy nduja topping, as featured on their specials menu.

Thanks to the generous addition of the fiery pork topping, my pizza had a good ol’ kick to it. The mushrooms were juicy, with a real bite to them and the rest of the flavours worked harmoniously – classic and effective flavours.The sourdough made for the perfect dunkable dipper for the watercress pesto. Delightful. And thanks to the sourdough, the crust had a moreish texture, stayed moist and was truly enjoyable to eat. 

Now then, was a dessert really necessary. Belly said no, head said yes. For six very fair pounds, I was able to indulge in a good chunk of lemon almond cake and a shot of Limoncello. And that my friends, is what you officially call a wrap. Whilst our review was complimentary, I found the dining experience fantastic value for money. Our full meal from starters to dessert, with an alcoholic drink, would have come to just over £40. Their fresh sourdough pizzas already start at just a fiver, and for a few quid more, have one with additional toppings. To top it all off, there’s a loyalty app too, after six pizza stamps, you get a pizza free. If you’re keen, get downloading – you’ll get one free welcome stamp and if you add my referral code FD4CBF, you’ll get an extra bonus stamp too after your first dining experience (where you’ll also get another free stamp!). Winning. 

Sending lots of pizza love your way. Over and out.


PS. I was invited for a complimentary meal in return for an honest review. 


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