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Nestled away in the Leeds City College’s Printworks Campus is the Food Academy. A training restaurant that opened in 2013, in aid of offering students studying catering and hospitality hands on experience.What a brilliant concept.

In return for supporting the students, you are offered a marvellous dining experience of a four-course menu at just £20 a head.Each week, the contemporary menu changes, in addition to the exciting themes, and is considerately designed by one student.The venue is light and friendly, with an intimate set-up of tables, most probably not more than 15. After a warm welcome, we were seated, and as we read through the menu that was placed on our table, we eagerly awaited the Italian four-course menu to begin.  

Moments later, the starter was on its way.

Starter: Bruschetta all Romana & Bruschetta with MozzarellaAbsolutely divine. Bruschetta is always a big hit with me, especially if the tomatoes are fresh, juicy, and well-seasoned.

The hint of oil and garlic soaked into the crispy toasted bread was a gorgeous reminder of why I love this dish so much.

Intermediate course: Seafood linguineDelicate and well-cooked. Over the past two years, I’ve absolutely been in love with seafood, whilst Nathan is still coming around to it.

Our seafood linguine arrived, and let’s just say, the both of us cleaned up within five minutes. The linguine was soft and coated in a light creamy white sauce.

The prawn and mussel were perfectly cooked, and married up ever so lovely with a sprinkling of parsley.

Enjoyable was just how light and subtle the taste of the dish was.

Main course: Cacciatore chicken Embracing the Italian theme, cacciatore translates into “hunter”. This course honours the hunter-style of cooking, and became a popular dish in Northern Italy, which is abundant with tomatoes.

The Food Academy’s rendition of this popular dish was refreshing and well balanced. The breast of chicken was moist, well fried, and smothered in a rich tomato sauce, combined with peppers and olives.

Adding a different texture to the plate was the arancini ball. Although this deep-fried bread crumb coated rice ball is plain, mixed with the chicken and sauce, gives the entire dish an extra crunch to it.

Dessert: TiramisuTrue to Italian cuisine, the chosen dessert served was the one and only tiramisu. Served in a wide glass, each of the elements layered, with a clear composition of the sweet whipped cream and coffee infused sponge.

Topped with chocolate rasps and a mint twig, the last course was an absolute pleasure to eat. With a lovely hint of coffee, the dish was not overpowering, nor too sweet, and instead a perfect blend between the layers.

All four courses were tasty. All four dishes were presented beautifully. And all four plates were empty.

It was a lovely evening well spent with my better half, enjoying great food, and supporting some fabulous young talent.We’ve already booked ourselves into the last event of the year in June, #WeAreTheFuture, where a five-course show is presented as the finale for the 2016/17 students.

Absolutely looking forward to the big night and see what deliciousness will be served.

So, if you’re intrigued the Food Academy, I can very much so recommend a visit, and for you to keep an eye on their weekly menus.

We might even see you there.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

*We were kindly invited to review the food, upon purchasing tickets for the finale event in June. We gladly accepted, in turn for an honest opinion of the food and experience.
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