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When you’ve been together with someone for four years there are certain things that become a little less important such as bickering over whose turn it is to buy milk, or who last took out the rubbish. These things seem to naturally fall in place, almost instinctively, and you seem to know whose turn it is for what, and often without even agreeing you just get on as a team and tackle any household chores. It’s funny really.

Instead, more pressing matters take over, and some will argue that these aren’t pressing at all, but in my eyes I feel almost as if with relationships you reach life goals or stages. That could be doing your first food shop together, moving in officially as a couple and paying your first joint utility bill (oh the joy!), and then of course finding your first real job after university. Once you’ve settled in and have overcome all these first time grown-up tasks, you fall into a comfy zone where everything is just nice. That’s when you get fussy and start taking more care of appearances: including yourself, your partner and home.Nathan-Jeans-RipleyCastle

The Excuses

Nathan would say I’m a typical woman, I love shopping and can’t help myself when I spot a new item that my wardrobe desperately needs or adding to my shoe collection. Nathan is quite the opposite and as a manly man it takes a lot more effort to get him interested in shopping for he is far too practical for his own good. There’s usually two excuses he has for not needing new clothes:

“These are my comfiest pair and they’re not even that holey… ”, and, “I don’t really need it as I have one pair of those already, I don’t need another?”

We laugh about it, and even Nathan knows he’s too laid back about clothes, but this is why a manly man needs a shop-happy woman to look after them!

At the start of our relationship, it went from me suggesting to go shopping and picking out a few items for Nathan to try, to advising and reinforcing that this new look is perfect for him, to forcefully saying holey jeans are no longer acceptable and it’s time he bought new ones, to Nathan saying his even more holey jeans are a disgrace and we’re going shopping immediately.

So things do change and my shopping habits are slowly rubbing off on him.

Know your perfect style

As a well-built, muscly six-foot-plus tall bloke, finding the right pair of jeans for Nathan has proven to always be a little difficult, making the shopping experience even more challenging. We’d often come across jeans that would sit perfectly on the thighs but then hang off the waist, and then vice versa when the waist would fit snugly but the trouser legs often wouldn’t come up further than the calf.

Once we figured out what style and size suited Nathan best, we went on our mission to find the perfect jeans that would accommodate Nathan’s size, and when we did, let’s just say we’ve been a loyal customer ever since. As crazy as it sounds, but for Nathan to have one store we can always rely on makes shopping easier, as we know they’ll sit right all around, suit his style and are of good quality. When you’re so tall and well built with not your typical trouser measurements, you need to invest in jeans that work for you, even if it means your search will take longer, because the results of a good denim bum is always worth it.Nathan-Jeans-RipleyCastle

So if you’re someone who has difficulty finding the right pair and then you fall lucky by finding a pair that fit perfectly in terms of size and style, try to stick to the brand and take note of the measurements and styles that work for you. Not only will your shopping then become easier and more enjoyable (what man even enjoys shopping!), but you’ll also know immediately where is good for you. Looking after your denim is equally as important and god forbid a holey pair of jeans (at least when they’re not intended to be stylishly holey)… I’m sure it goes without saying B.I.N T.H.E.M! Out with the old and in with the new. Treat yourself to some new clothes and update your wardrobe.

The denim bum

My biggest gripe of course are holey jeans, but saggy pants that have no reason at all to be saggy are quite high up on my no-go list. If your jeans weren’t intended for a loose stylish fit and putting your jeans on high wash hasn’t helped, then the next place for those denims are in the bin. If you can’t make out where your bum is in a pair of jeans then don’t bother wearing them! Wear and tear are normal with jeans but if they’re starting to fade and you’re wondering if the fading is a bit too obvious, consider buying jeans dye to add some colour back in, but last of all, pull up your jeans. Similarly to the reason above, bum. Everyone likes a denim bum.

So if you, or your partner, are having some serious commitment issues with your jeans, or not sure how to find the right one, have a read through of Jacamo’s guide on ‘how to get over the jeans you love‘.

Good luck finding the one.

Charlotte xxx

I was invited by Jacamo to write about my experience on denim dilemmas and share my advice on how men should go about finding the right pair of jeans. In return I have been offered jeans from their collection to treat Nathan.

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