A DIY Christmas Wreath


There are so many things I love about Christmas, like all the reasonable excuses to top up on wintery liqueurs or scoff down iced mince pies, so to honour my love for this festive season, I’ve decided to make my very own Christmas wreath..with a very watchful and judging companion.
5Crafting your own wreath is pretty simple, and depending on how extravagant or accessory-mad you want to go, here’s my list for a traditional and cute wreath:

  • Wreath rings
  • Tulle Roll
  • Glue gun
  • Holly berries
  • Binding wire
  • Christmas ribbon
  • Dried orange slices 
  • Fir leaves
  • Dried grass/branches/flowers
  • Glitter

A lot of the latter products I already had at home, so I re-purposed these and improvised with what else I could find around the house.8

  1. The first step to making your wreath is to attach the fir leaves around the ring, loosely tying them together with the binding wire. The key is to create a thick ring that has a lot of volume with occasional wild fir strands that is also still sturdy.
  2. Make sure that the binding wire is well hidden and that any of its sharp ends is tucked in or folded over. 
  3. Once you feel that you have an attractive looking wreath, it’s time to get creative and attach all of your accessories.
  4. Depending on what exactly you’re wanting to fix onto the wreath, you can either use a glue gun or can take advantage of the binding wire which I mostly ended up using.

2WreathCollageFor the wreath above, I began to decorate with the tulle roll first. To get the ruche effect, all it took was a simple scrunch at the bottom which I then pinned down into the wreath with the wire. I went on to add in the holly berries which were double sided, and was a case of wrapping them around some fir and tightening them by twisting the berries together and into place. To add a little colour to the wreath, I included orange coloured ivy leaves along with dried grass straws. To finish off, I dusted glitter over the entire ring.12

Over the weekend, bot Nathan and myself teamed up to make some more wreaths as I really wanted to share the joy of wreaths with Nathan’s family. 19

With this wreath, I ventured out into the garden some more and found some extra goodies we needed to include for example the dark berries, pine cones and rosemary sprigs. I love the idea behind re-purposing items you have in the garden, for me it feels very natural but personal too.
And here is Nathan’s master piece. 21 If you’re looking to make your own wreath this winter, think about all the things at home you can use, or plants and leaves from the garden. Wreaths also make the perfect present for friends and family and have that personal touch to them by being hand crafted.

Merry Christmas to you all,
Charlotte xxx 

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