Cuckoo has landed on Call Lane


Cuckoo- a new appearance on Call Lane, a vibrant party bar and pizza palace, emanating good times.

A step inside this new Cuckoo world will not leave you disappointed. The bars aesthetic radiates fun and quirkiness, with bold lettering amplifying its name and faux safari beast wall mounts.As for the little potting shed at the far back of the room, well this mysterious door will take you to the secret rooftop beer garden.

Each room has been styled to meet a new level of entertaining with artwork that has been commissioned by local talent. The whole concept of Cuckoo is a beautiful madness.The cocktail menu is too appealing, with each concoction sounding very inviting, placing rum, tequila and vodka on a pedestal.

Yet if these tipples don’t tickle your fancy, why not challenge the mixologists to create your favourite drink instead. There’s a whole bar worth of exploring to do.  At first glance, my eyes fell upon the Peanut Butter Martini, which became my first chosen drink. A divine mix of salted caramel vodka, dark spiced rum with peanut butter and cream. Call me crazy, but this one’s for the nutty folk.

This was my favourite of the night, and not just because it was served with a side of Reese’s.Quite the showstopper was the Royal Grape Margerita that Becky opted for. Tequila, lime juice, Cointreau, grapes, and a very dramatic garnish of a mini Prosecco (!!!)

To keep the thirst at bay, the Rum and Raisin was served. Sweet and fruity, and devilishly easy to drink. Three simple ingredients: raisin infused rum, cloudy apple juice and fig liquor. Be warned though, it’s very drinkable.Thriller in Vanilla was next up. Chilli based. Mixed together with vanilla vodka, passionfruit, lemon and pineapple juice, this sassy little cocktail was fiery. The contrast between the sweet and spice was spot on, and very well balanced.

As for you heated folk, if you want to crank the heat up, all you need to do is ask.As a finisher, we all cheers’ed our final drink in dainty china cup. Quintessentially British. Rose, gin and sloe gin all muddled together and filtered into one sharing teapot. Fragrantly refreshing.

Alongside serving up cocktails, hungry ones can also find themselves tucking into pizza at Cuckoos, which I must add, you get free between 5 and 9PM when you buy a cocktail. *You’re welcome* With a mix of savoury and sweet, there will be a pizza to suit your palate.

On the night, we had a challenge, and after some Dutch courage, we ventured over to the flaring pizza oven and had a very good go at designing our own creations.

To play on the theme of madness, I dared to add marmite to my tomato pizza base, in hoping to portray the nice side of marmite to the haters. It was topped with chorizo, salami, cheese and onions.

The Mar-Must. I didn’t win, but managed to convince one hater. Job done.For dessert, the selection of sweet pizzas were presented, from straight up choco-heaven to blueberry cream cheese, yet there were clear winners of the night.

Unheard of in my lifetime, these two favourites not only sounded more-ish but tasted it too, Blame Canada was a mouth-watering combo of maple peach and strudel topping, whilst Appealing (you can probably guess why the name) was served with apple crumble and custards. They were so good, we all wanted a pizza this. Sorry, it had to be done.

To capture evidence of the night we had, and for future nights here too, a photo booth shoot was the funky finish to a fun night with great company.

I shall be back Cuckoo, for that Peanut Butter Martini is calling my name.

And if you lovelies head down to Cuckoo, I hope you thoroughly enjoy.

Charlotte xox

*Big thank you to Cuckoo and ILP for the invite and a royally entertaining night. All views are my own.
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