Cooking up a Gastronomic Storm with Gousto


I absolutely love to cook. And I also absolutely love to eat out.

At home, it’s easy to fall into a routine of cooking the recipes you know, or are good at, using tried and tested recipes that you know will magic up a delightful meal.

And when I eat out, I go for the unusual, meals I’d never cook at home or have no idea how to cook. This is where Gousto comes in, and brings the best of both worlds.“Everything you need to cook delicious recipes.” – Gousto’s tagline and ethos, and from my first cooking experience with them, I couldn’t agree more.

If you haven’t heard of Gousto, the concept of this business is to allow you to cook up a storm in your kitchen.

Based on your chosen recipes, you then have the ease of the fresh ingredients being delivered to your home with the accompanying recipe card.It’s easy, convenient, and opens up a whole new culinary adventure in your home.The recipes change weekly, keeping their food offering creative and appealing. With so many recipes around the globe to try, why would you ever just want to stick to a few?

For me, this box offers the simple pleasure of using ingredients I’ve never cooked with, trying out new styles of cooking and putting a green tick to a new dish I’ve learnt.Oh and another big plus, we get to share the whole experience with THE nosiest cat ever. I mean, how could we not cook with exciting new ingredients, without the approval from Cuthbert? 

Most impressive for me was the way the box was packaged. My box was delivered at 8AM, whilst I was at work, and 10 hours later, having been hit Yorkshire’s finest weather (wind, rain, hail) the box was immaculate and dry.All the products were in top condition, and the fresh meat was kept cool by ice packs and a lamb wool coating.

Our chosen recipes were the ‘Turkish Lamb & Dill-Infused Bulgur’ and the ‘Pork Bibimbap’. Both absolutely stunning and what a hoot preparing and serving up.The recipe cards were very clear and simple to follow, with nice visuals to go along with the instructions. They’ve now safely been added to my cookbook.

Of course, with any recipe, where a visual is presented of the final dish, I took it upon myself to create an identical serving to Gousto’s recommendation. And if I can say so myself, I did quite the grand job. High five!

Taste wise, both meals were awesome. Authentic, sensational, and completely moreish. Based on those dishes, gastronomic greatness was achieved.There are plenty of fab reasons to try a Gousto box, and one other reason I loved was their message of a bid farewell to food waste.

These boxes have been designed to completely say ciao to wastage, containing the perfect amount, with measured ingredients, for a nutritious and filling meal, using up pretty much everything in your package.

Have you ever tried a Gousto box or a similar concept? 

Charlotte xox 

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