­­­­­­­­Considering I’m such a self-confessed cat lover, I’ve shamefully never really dedicated a post to our little fluff-ball who goes by the name Cuthbert or Muffy (maybe that’s a story to explain in another blog post?). Having a cat in our lives has literally been the best thing ever and I’d never have thought having a baby fluff-ball could make such a positive difference to a life.

We’ve had disasters because of Cuthbert: the most awkward one being including the time he knocked the iPad off the side and smashed it, plus the ever so many sets of plucked bedding sets, scratched furniture and the time I tried to shower him after he got spayed. May I add to that, it’s highly inadvisable to shower a cat as it only results in a shed load of scratch marks and one very unhappy kitty.DSC_0430That being said, there are so many reasons why an indoor cat makes the most perfect of companions and even if you think I’m bonkers for listing the next few points, other cat owners will mostly agree and I hope I get a few nods out of this.

1. Regardless of how crap your day is, coming home to your cat will always make things better.

2. True or not, I think cats can sense when you’re feeling low, and will make the time to give you extra snuggles on the couch.

3. They will follow you around the house like a shadow. You will never be alone. Either learn to lock your toilet door or be prepared to have company. 

4. No matter how moody you are, your cat will still like you.

5. Even if you lock them out of your room for tapping your face when you’re trying to sleep, they’ll still forgive you.

6. They never get bored. Even the simplicity of a scrumpled receipt will give your cat quite the entertainment.

7. When you come home from work, they’ll greet you as though they haven’t seen you in years…. or maybe that’s just because they’re bloody hungry and just want feeding. 


8. When they spot a crow/fly/squirrel or any other living thing in the garden and they start to get chatty with them.

9. You can teach them tricks and it makes your day when they remember them months down the line. 

10. The bizarre and highly entertaining hiding places you will find them in. The most random was the top of an open door (you know the thin flat area of a door?!) This makes for a perfect game of hide and seek. 

11. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night and you’ll probably find your cat either a) sleeping on top of you loafing, b) in between you and their favourite person number two or c) keeping your toes warm. All of these make you feel mean for needing to move, where you’ll then realise just how happy you are to lie awkward to keep the cat happy. 

12. They also make the best companion because you can never be angry at them. Even the time he smashed the iPad (by accident), I felt sorrier for Cuthbert as he made himself jump at the sound of the bang. 

13. If you’ve ever spotted the art of ‘carpet swimming’ then you’ll understand just what an entertaining sight that is.

14. They also make for the perfect fly and spider catcher. And I kid you not when I say Cuthbert has taken care of more creepy crawlies than Nathan has. 

15. And if you have a cat, you will completely understand the brilliant sound cats make when running around the house or up the stairs, that weird turkey/frog hybrid sound. God forbid the times you’ve tried to imitate that to your friends. 


There are 101 reasons why cats are bloooooooody cool, and until you have your own cat, do you really understand why cat owners get to obsessive. 

What’s your favourite things about living with a cat, or have you overheard any funny stories from your friends? Please do comment below, anything cat related and I’m completely in my elements. 

Charlotte xxx

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    I want a cat sooooooooo badly!

    xx, rebecca

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    Reason 16. If you are a Very Special Person, they will roll over and offer you their tummy fluff. This is a bigger compliment than any human could ever pay you!

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      Yes that is so true. And also their gentle headbutts. Our lives have been so enriched since Cuthbert joined the family.

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