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Over on Twitter today, you might have noticed the super talented Claire Williams from Aloha Lola Cards run an adorable project of drawing gorgeous caricatures of bloggers. Having seen all the previous illustrations, I was so excited to see what I would look like as a caricature, and even more excited to see how others saw me.

So basically, Natalie spotted the opportunity and jumped on it straight away. Within minutes, Nat had a response from Claire, saying we’d be turned into caricatures! An hour later, all three of us had our drawins and we were pretty much buzzing for the next six hours, smiling from cheek to cheek. I couldn’t help but keep looking back at my picture.  

And no lie, our day was seriously a lot brighter because the what we saw was beautiful. The drawings for Jennie (left), Natalie (right) and myself are so cute and spot-on.PicMonkey CollageIt’s genuinely lovely to have others do something so unique and personal for you without asking for anything in return. Having had this caricature drawn has really put me in a wonderful mood and I can’t wait to see how my best friends react when they receive their very own drawing as a little mid-month surprise. 

As we all fussed over Claire’s drawings, she said how happy she was that people liked her creativity and how much of a confidence boost it had given her.

So if you’re a creative soul or think there’s something you can do to cheer others up, big or small, go for it- it really makes a difference to someone’s day and talent should be celebrated by everyone. Claire, you rock and thanks for turning me into a little doll. I’ll be popping by your Etsy store very soon. 

Charlotte xxx

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