Cake ‘n’ mead at #LIF16


So….I need to start off by saying, can you believe that Leeds actually had a city made out of cake as part of the Leeds Indie Food Festival? As in the team behind the Tattooed Bakers baked cakes, reshaped them and decorated them to recreate some of Leeds’ awesome monuments or legendary buildings! The thought of being surrounded by miniature models but bloody huge in terms of cake is just cool. For me, anyone who can replicate recognisable doubles, let alone made from cake, and have the patience to not nibble on it is well up there in my list of people I admire. The chaps over at I Like Press were kind enough to send over a press pass, wait for it…, which was a golden fork, to check out the City Of Cake.CityOfCakeCityOfCake3The cakes looked so beautiful and it was pretty tough not to just take the fork and dig in (and I was slightly disappointed I couldn’t devour every single piece like a greedy little mole). Saying that, I wouldn’t want to know how long it took to master each work of art, but one thing for sure was that they looked exactly like their real-life muses and maybe even better. I mean, why would you not want pink, gold, purple and blue buildings for the Broadcasting Tower, Victoria Gate, Hyde Park Picture House and Town Hall, with happy sugary splodges to extra colour comfort. If you ask me, shopping in a rainbow city would be amazing. CityOfCake9CityOfCake11CityOfCake13CityOfCake16CityOfCake14CityOfCake5All the buildings were super pretty and impressive, yet it was Equus Altas, otherwise know as the Trinity Horse, that fascinated me the most.What I loved the most about this was the positioning of it which created the most beautiful of opportunities for a photo. Well thought out, huh?CityOfCake6

Keg vs. Cork

Tucked away at Sheaf St. Cafeteria was Keg vs. Cork, #LIF16’s boozy celebration of, ummm… booze! Greeted with a glass and score card, craft beer drinkers and wine purveyors would have gone weak at the knees with the options at hand. From The Reliance, to North Bar, Latitude Wine, Northern Monk Refectory, Tall Boys Beer Market and so on, let’s just say a scorecard would be necessary if you wanted to remind yourself the next morning what was your favourite! KEGvsCORK1KEGvsCORK4KEGvsCORK5Right at the back was a teeny Bundobust stand where I couldn’t but help myself to apparently the most easily drinkable half pint of mead. SOLD. There were some really interesting mead options available, neater meads such as vanilla and strawberry which sounded so delicious. Although the vibe was pretty cool and we’d have loved to have stayed longer, we actually made the school boy error of only bring a handful of pound coins forgetting where we were going. That being said, after a drink each and a walk around each stand, we left with our tail between our legs, but with a very bloody cool glass each! So my tip of the night, ladies and gents, is always take enough cash with you for more than one beer! Oooops! No hard feelings though, as we ended up in Little Tokyo which is always a great end to a night. KEGvsCORK10This year, I must admit I’ve been very slack in terms of supporting the #LIF16 events and I kick myself every time for it. Good news is, it’s not all over yet with daily events taking place right through until the 30th. After that, we’ll have to say goodbye to Leeds Indie Food 2016 and wait another year to go by. So if you haven’t been yet, make the most of it and enjoy your bank holiday weekend with food, drink and culture:


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