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To celebrate the Olympic Games heading over to Rio this summer, Cabana, (the Brasilian barbeque restaurant in Trinity) launched its #RoadToRio menu and was graciously invited along to tuck in.

11:45invite received…

12:52 invite greedily accepted!

Although Cabana has been part of the Trinity centre for almost a year and a half, my first trip into the restaurant was actually only mid-May this year after checking out the City Of Cake from the #LIF16, feeling absolutely hank marvin’ and stopping in for a feast. I opted for a risky squid burger (you have to try something new every day) with sweet potato fries; both were absolutely beautiful.Cabana5Cabana6Cabana7My second trip was only a few days later as part of the #RoadToRio menu launch. Knowing what I was in for, ummmm, how could I not say yes? One thing I really love about Cabana is just how pretty their venue is, and both times when visiting, it’s impossible to not look around and just love the interior. 

Welcomed with a cocktail for myself and a beer for Nathan, we sat down enjoying the musician entertain us all with Brasilian music as we watched the shed-load of food come our way for tasting. Happy days!Cabana15First up was the malagueta hummus with cucumber and carrots. And in case you’re wondering, the malagueta pepper is a chilli, so any dish containing this wonderful spice adds an extra kick to it. If you like chilli and you like hummus, then you definitely can’t go wrong with this. As quick as nibble number one had disappeared, so had the raspberry caipirinha. And as if by magic, without even having to turn around or get up, caipirinha number two was already there!Cabana2Cabana1Cabana8
With the snack attack continuing, out came the Bahian coconut curry- fruity and mild- with malagueta chicken skewers (steak or halloumi options are available too) and Biro-Biro rice…cue the football chants?!

To let you in on that secret, the Biro-Biro rice is named as Antônio José da Silva Filho, who is a retired Brasilian footballer. So the story goes: Antônio loved this dish of stir-fried rice topped with crispy onions so much that the Brasilians named it after him. And to be fair, I don’t really blame him. The rice was really delicious and the curry itself was light and full of taste.Cabana14Cabana16Refreshing, but not a personal highlight for me was the quinoa, avocado and squash ‘Hipanema’ salad. Although this wasn’t up my street, it was a well put together salad with a beautiful jewelled shine to it. Halloumi on the other hand went down an absolute treat. We also got to try out the malagueta chicken lettuce wraps, which although I love the concept of the lettuce keeping the whole snack together, I also wasn’t a big fan of this snack, however that could be the greed coming out needing their topped sweet potatoes fries.

And without further ado, drum roll please….Cabana11Cabana3Meet the delicious Lulapapa and Salchipapa = T.H.E. B.O.M.B!

These two bad boys are loaded portions of sweet potato fries, one loaded with pork and papaya sausages whilst the other is loaded with fried squid rings. Of course, both are topped off with a good ole’ squirt of malagueta mayo. Delicious, I know!

And if that hasn’t tickled your taste buds , feast your eyes upon these cinnamon sugared churros and warm chocolate dipping sauce. To finish off, a kiwi caipirinha came out to cleanse the palette… and if it would have been feasible, I would have quite happily have continued to drink the night away! Cabana21Cabana22Cabana23Cabana also have a very tempting little offer sat on each table too, the restaurant’s very own cookbook written by the sibling duo Lizzy and Jamie Barber and and David Ponte; both Jamie and David are founding partners of Cabana.Cabana20Cabana19Cabana18And there we have it ladies and gents, Cabana in a tasty little nutshell. So, do you think you’ll be heading down or have you visited already? Would love to hear your thoughts! 
Charlotte xxx

Huge thanks to the Cabana team for inviting me and Nathan down to the #RoadToRio menu launch. My review is based all on my own experience and I have not been paid to come along or write about this.

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