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This may be a bit premature already talking about Christmas, as Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, and Halloween is a big deal for me. It’s mine and Nathan’s anniversary, and of course, it’s just Halloween. I love it.

Saying that, Christmas is really not that far off now at all, it’s sneaking around the corner, and you’ll see plenty of shops start stocking Christmas accessories and a lot of restaurants start promoting their festive menus. I for one, have no problem with that at all, as Christmas for me is all about eating good food with family and friends.ChristmasAtBrowns1Browns is already on it. Their festive menu has been carefully pieced together to offer six varieties of nibbles, brunches, set menus and afternoon tea’s. Browns will pretty much have you covered. They even have a whole page dedicated to Christmas on their site.

Just in case you haven’t heard of Browns, the brasserie and bar opened up in their iconic building in 2001 which sits along the Headrow in Leeds City Centre, next door to The Light. Just think amazing food and marvellous cocktails. And a very big mirror in their hallway. Jennie and I clearly couldn’t resist a photo. ChristmasAtBrowns2ChristmasAtBrowns3So, keen to see what I tried last month?

For Browns festive blogger event, we all had the opportunity to try out their festive canape selection, with mini cocktails and mulled wine. How can one celebrate Christmas without mulled wine, right?

The Festive Canapes Menu
  • Turkey & cranberry brioche rolls 
  • Goat’s cheese crostini with semi-dried tomato (v)
  • Cumberland & gingerbread stuffing balls
  • Honey glazed pigs in blankets
  • Beetroot hash bon bons with avocado (v)
  • Chicken lollipops with truffle mayonnaise
  • Confit duck & thyme bon bons with rhubarb dip
The Festive Sweets
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Glazed lemon tart
  • White chocolate pot

ChristmasAtBrowns4ChristmasAtBrowns5ChristmasAtBrowns7Brought out first were the turkey and cranberry brioche rolls, goat’s cheese crostini with semi-dried tomato and a shot of cosmopolitan. Very delicious, with of course turkey and cranberry being very traditional Christmas foods. For me, the goat’s cheese crostini was quite the surprise and such a delight to eat. It was light, refreshing and a marvellous balance of textures, soft topping and a crunchy base. ChristmasAtBrowns8 ChristmasAtBrowns9The next nibbles that were brought out were even more wonderful, and again there was a fab mix between ingredients you would associate with Christmas and others you’d never have considered, but went to well with the menu.

These set of canapes were all served warm. Pigs in blankets were tasty, as well as the chicken lollipops, both with a crisp outer layer and soft meat inside. Cooked well and easily moreish. 

What stood out for me the most, however, was the Cumberland and gingerbread stuffing balls and beetroot hash bon bons. Just thinking back to them makes me hank marvin’. These two were honestly divine and I would have quite happily just snacked on these for the rest of the evening.

The Cumberland balls had a very festive taste thanks to the gingerbread spices and complimented the meat so well, and the quality of the meat was just brilliant. At parties, I often avoid sausages or any more of minced meat, as usually I’m the one who ends up with all the gristle, and that’s never off putting.

But Browns balls gets a very big thumbs up from me. ChristmasAtBrowns10As for the beetroot hash bon bons, well, I’ve never had anything quite like it. I loved how unusual  it was, and when having bitten into it, not expecting both the sweet and moistness that came from it. Again, the ball was covered in a light crunchy batter that kept the beetroot ball well together. The sweetness wasn’t sickly, and as soon as I realised how lovely it was after my first bite, I devoured the rest. And then went to hunt for more. 

AND THEN WE HAD MULLED WINE. I need not explain how happy I was, as this is my all time favourite drink. And I also do not need an excuse to drink it, because I will happily do so all year round. Love, love, love mulled wine. Being German may very likely be the reason for my obsession with it. ChristmasAtBrowns11The festive treats were brought out as a trio of desserts- chunky chocolate brownies, lemon tarts, and white chocolate pots. All of them were very tasty and if you’ve got a sweet tooth then these are for you, dependant on if you prefer sweet-sweet or bitter-sweet. The white chocolate pots, out of the three, were my favourite. Tasting just like melted milkybars, the dessert was silky and thick, like little pots of heaven.  ChristmasAtBrowns12 ChristmasAtBrowns13 ChristmasAtBrowns14As you can imagine, we left Browns with a very full belly, thinking about Christmas and remembering just how awesome this holiday is.

What’s your favourite Christmas foods and drinks? I would love to know, so please do pop a comment down below.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

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