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Ah, the good old British summer. The time of year we all love a good moan about the forever fluctuating temperatures. As per every build up to the summer, we’ll get that really hot week in May, the ‘almost winter’ week in August, and guaranteed rain once every seven days.

But in true British spirit, we’ll still make sure the summer dresses and flip-flops come out because we’ll make a point to have our summer. This year, like any other, it’s no exception. Although I’m currently sat in shorts and t-shirt with the remarkable British sun hitting highs of 18 degrees #summerishere.  And tomorrow, jumper and leggings will be worn.

In anticipation for the British summer, (and not to mention the heatwave we’re are promised every year), one thing we can rely on is the fruity fun botanical creations bars will be concocting, to keep our thirst at bay.Serving up summer pretty much all year round is The Botanist. Think fun, floral, and just outright funky. Botanist cocktails are all about their greenhouse herbs, and their new summer menu, lives up exactly to these expectations.

Not only are they pretty to look at, fun to watch, but walk the walk in terms of awesome taste.

On the menu, there’s something for everyone. From smoky oak flavours to citrus twists, from wacky plant pots and planters, to clean and simple servings.We went straight in with one of my all-time favourites, a Bellini. Strawberry and elderflower, mixed with prosecco, delish. Could you want more? I thought not. I was wrong.

Personal highlights were the martini’s, with the Velvet Green and Poppy and Pomegranate stealing the show and my heart.Bright, bold, and punchy- this gin based drink included cloudy apple juice, green apple liqueur, kiwi, egg white and lemon juice. For effect, a pipette of botanical elixir to finish off the serve.  

Soft and sweet, the Poppy and Pomegranate martini was a fruity cloud of yum. For me, sweet drinks are the way forward, and I loved the peculiar addition of the poppy seed liqueur. Vodka based, this cocktail combined the brilliant duo of raspberry and pomegranate.More to Nathan’s taste, was the Cinnamon and Oregano Old Fashioned. The cinnamon was a nice twist to the bourbon based drink, and the burning of the wood chippings for the smokey flavours was quite the wow factor. It brought the right level of spectacle to a drink that demands sophistication. And how could you not go to a bar, and not have your drink served in a plant pot? Otherwise, surely, you haven’t quite lived? And if you haven’t now’s your chance. The Botanist have dedicated one full quarter of the menu for pots and planters. All of which contain a very funky serving of booze.

This very delight is the Raspberry Disaronno Sour.

Everywhere else you might look like a mad’un sipping from a terracotta pot, but ladies and gents, this is The Botanist, you have to at least try it once.

And after a few drinks, if you’re feeling a bit peckish, the restaurant serves an abundance of meals and nibbles to satisfy that hunger. From bread and hummus, to pork crackling, olives, chorizo sausage, battered onions… there’s always a perfect platter for grazing. 

I’m still yet to try a meal from the main menu, and from the servings I’ve spied on from others that have been there, it’s up there with the places I need to try this month.

So, if you have any recommendations at all, I would seriously love to know. I’d love to know if the comments below.



* I was invited along to try out the menu, in return for a florally honest review. 

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