Bloom Bakers Workshop: Christmas Cookie Decorating


When an invite comes your way, and it features two very special words in it – biscuits and Christmas – not a second longer is needed to know time will be made for this event.  I love biscuits, and I love Christmas, and although biscuits are timeless, there’s something special about Christmas cookies. So, for the first time ever, in a collaboration between Bloom Bakers and Carousel (which was previously Sebby’s), the intimate venue launched its very first pop-up event – the festive biscuit decorating workshop.  

The weather was perfect for a cosy night in, wet and windy, as luxurious spiced hot chocolate was sipped. Warm milk with a homemade chocolate dunker, awesome. Spread out across the table were stamps, cutters and letters, with food colouring, rolling pins and fondant. We were ready to let our creative flair take control. With a brief and top tips advised by Saskia and Lisa, the decorating world was our oyster. 

Marbled icing seemed to have been the theme of the night, as we rolled and kneaded, looking to create a pretty design for our biscuits.I went for a simple blue and red, and maybe it was the beginner’s luck, but the marbling came out in quite the nice blend. 

For each biscuit, I had a design and purpose in mind, hoping to create a personalised cookie gift tag for our friends and family. With decoration number one and two, I certainly gave it my all, picking the teeny tiny letters to string a joyful wish together, and after 20 minutes, two people had a gift tag.Even though these biscuits were just the cutest, I realised, having the patience was another thing, so I became tactical. Larger letters and festive shapes were made instead.

As for the generalised stamping and cutting, well that was very relaxing, and totally rewarding seeing the finished product- I decorated my very own Christmas biscuits! We finished the evening off with toffee pudding, multi-coloured hands, and a very delicious looking set of biscuits. 

It was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening, getting out and about, doing something creative and appreciating small local businesses. In January next year, Lisa and Saskia will be celebrating two years worth of Germanic baking with Bloom Bakers, sharing their treats from their kitchen, markets and latest collaborations with stores and events. 

You can find out more about the duo over on their website, and be sure to tune into their social media channels to keep up to date on their upcoming events and markets. In two weeks time, there will be a second biscuit decorating workshop at Sebby’s, with tickets still available on EventbriteAnd if you enjoy a good pop-up too, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events at Carousel on Otley Road, as this event space is now a hub for rotating pop-ups! 

Wishing you all a very festive period, and plenty of opportunities to devour biscuits. 

Charlotte xox 

*A very festive thank you to Bloom Bakers for inviting me along to the event. All opinions are my own, and that’s the way the cookie crumbles! 😉
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