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There’s always time for a bite to eat, am I right? A restaurant that gets my gist is the newly refurbed Bill’s. Neighbouring one of my favourites, Lost and Found on the classic Albion Place, Bill’s is a fierce competitor for day and night occasions.Playing absolutely no games when it comes to food, their five menus catered for morning to evening diners, ensures a promising selection of dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime and dinner.Bill’s has a menu for that hunger at any time of the day.

Having only visited Bill’s after the refurb, it’s only possible to judge the changes at face value. The décor is quirky and animalistic, with well-mismatched wallpaper, accessories and art.From bejewelled dog ornaments to framed cow prints, farmhouse statement walls, an abundance of potted plants, luxury studded seats and marbled tables. The clash between finesse and rustic is utter brilliance.

The food

At Bill’s any cuisine goes. Expect variety throughout the dishes, from pan-Asian, Mediterranean, to traditional British. Served on the menu is everything delicious, with a vegan-friendly menu too.

Let me start my saying that throughout the entire evening, we could not have been happier with the service and quality of food. We were served with brilliant humour, dishes that were beautifully presented, and stunning flavours across all the courses. 

The cocktail menu is abundant with choices too. We started the evening with the signature Bill’s Collins. A fruit and sweet concoction of vodka, rhubarb liqueur, lime, grapefruit bitters and pink lemonade. Paper straw inclusive.

Bill’s starters

To start, we decided to share our starters because each and every one sounded brilliant. Narrowing it down to two, we made the conscious decision to pick both and enjoy them together.

We opted for the seared prawns with chilli and garlic, which was served on a bruschetta with smoked tomato sauce and parsley. It was delicious, with a generous serving of juicy prawns sat in the rich sauce.The chicken and sesame dumplings where one of the best dumplings I’ve had for a very long time. They were fragrant, packed with flavours, soft tender chicken, coated by a brilliant crispy casing.

The spicy chutney, as indicated, has quite the punch to it, but not overpoweringly hot. I felt that my drink, the hedgerow fizz, which is prosecco with elderflower cordial, was a perfect sweet drink to complement the heat.

Bill’s mains

Having already spied this main out ahead of the showcase, my immediate go-to was the Kashmiri lamb shank. Served with coconut rice and grains, the lamb which had been cooked in a spicy cashew nut and tomato butter sauce, was divine.

The shank was everything you would have wanted it to have been.My lovely companion went for the pan-fried chicken with wild mushrooms. This came served with herbed mashed potatoes, long stem broccoli and a creamy wild mushroom sauce.

Upon the recommendation of how brilliant the mash and sauce was, we laughed at the idea of needing more, which took us by surprise when a double portion came out. Service here is top class.  

The full plate was cleared, with our greedy extras too, and it did live up to the recommendation.

Bill’s desserts

For dessert, what tickled my fancy was something that would waken up the senses. I picked out the lemon meringue pie in a glass, essentially a sharp and fruity lemon curd cheesecake, lemon sorbet on a crushed biscuit base topped with Italian meringue.It was bigger than expected and I was excited to get stuck in. Mmmmmm….Across from me, Bill’s chocolate and hazelnut praline sphere was served, deceivably large for a rich sweet treat.Sheltered inside the chocolate dome was salted caramel ice cream with chocolate and hazelnut mousse. Again, all that was to be said was mmmmmm….

As final finisher, the perfect espresso martini serve, and have you seen the beautiful foam on that?!A marvellous time was had at Bill’s. All three, from the food to the service to the drinks, were exceptional, and I’m looking forward to heading back. If you haven’t been yet, I can only highly recommend.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was invited to review Bill’s food and drinks menu for an open and honest post.
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