Bem Brasil Turns One


Last year, Bem Brasil opened up their first restaurant in Leeds. You might have heard of the restaurant before as they already have a few dotted around the UK. For those of you who haven’t heard of Bem Brasil, all you need to know is that it’s a Brazilian all-you-can-eat meat feast. When it comes to good food, and particularly beef, Bem Brasil knows its stuff. 

True to its Brazilian theme, the meats are cooked ‘churrascaria’ style basically meaning barbecued, making the meat cooked perfectly to everyone’s desires. The ‘Passadores’ then attend each table and carve the meats right in front of you. If you like being fussed over, and offered copious amounts of meat, this is the place for you. BemBrasilSo, as it was a birthday celebration, I was offered to head down and be a part of their special day, along with two blogging buddies- Jennie and Natalie (if you’re vegetarian, this review is pretty useful) and our plus one’s. Nathan was so excited to head down again, we’d been once before when it opened up, and it’s safe to say as a meat-eater this was the perfect occasion for him. We were greeted by bubbly staff, stunning themed Brazilian dancers, wonderful music, cocktails and a lot of glitter from Wish Upon A Sparkle who jazzed up everyone’s faces.5BemBrasil1The cocktails came out, and everyone was sipping on their delicious caipirinha’s and glasses of sangria. The food was outstanding, and just the thought of recapping this event makes my mouth water. First and foremost, I need to mention how amazing their different cuts of steak were, all of them were so juicy flavours and all had different flavours- whether it was coated in cheese, salt, garlic or chilli, they really were spot on. I think one of my favourite things about Bem Brasil grilling on a churrascaria is the fact that the meat gets ever so slightly crispy on the outside but the meat still remains medium rare. This is basically my dream come true, as especially as I usually cut away the fatty parts of the steak, but in this instance they just added to the meat.1418Out on huge skewers also came cuts of pork and chicken, which were also so delicious but as a huge steak lover, I made sure to save enough room for the beef. If you’re keen to try out something new, Bem Brasil also offer chicken hearts, which essentially don’t taste as bad as they may sound. One of the highlights was the grilled pineapple that was coated in cinnamon. It was a perfect palette cleanser and was a perfect snack to have that was sweet but also light on the stomach- something you needed when you’ve just spent two hours eating meat.BemBrasil221Although Bem Brasil is all about good quality meats, they also offer a banquet-style buffet with authentic Brazilian dishes, salads and pasta. One of my favourite snacks there was their polenta pieces and dough balls which were absolutely divine. The evening was absolutely brilliant and we were all thoroughly entertained, fed and watered. glitter20Big thanks to the whole team for inviting us down, we all all left feeling extremely satisfied and very tired from enjoying too much good food. One of the hardest things of the night was wiping away my awesome face glitz- boohoo! 

All in all, a super duper, glammy, meat loaded, sociable night. 

See you again very soon! 

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