Dining at Beefeater Yeadon Stoops


With a name like Beefeater, it’s a pretty easy guess as to what this restaurant might serve.

What you might not have known is that Beefeater has been doing their thang since 1974 with several herd of venues across the UK.

So, if you wanted to count all the Beefeater’s on one hand, you’d need more than 140 fingers.

My grill experience takes us to the Beefeater Yeadon Stoops, located near Leeds Bradford Airport, which was refurbished six years ago, and built in 1995.

The menu is family friendly, offering a full range of meaty dishes, from steaks, to stacks, burgers to ribs.

To cater for those feeling a little less carnivorous, there’s fish, salads, risottos and a small handful of vegetarian options too.

As you can imagine, our eyes were bigger than our bellies, and we went for a selection of everything we had to try and shared.   


First out were the Arrabiata meatballs. Soft, tender and extremely delicious, these chilli pork and beef meatballs came served in a refreshing tomato sauce and a sprinkling of Regato cheese.Continuing on the meat journey, we ordered the Ploughman’s pork pie which was served with all the expected cheese, pickles and sauces. Personally not my favourite, I found the meat a bit too gristly.


The duo of beef was Nathan’s go-to, and described on the menu as a beef lover’s dream, you can see why he did choose this. Performing as the duo was super tender beef short ribs and slices of smoky beef brisket.

The meat was soft and tasty, with the spiced BBQ beans with smoked bacon and the corn on the cob being nice additions to the plate.  For my main, I opted for the fillet stack. An 8oz fillet steak topped with a slice of brie, bacon and a roasted tomato, with a creamy dollop of spinach. Cooked medium rare, the steak was delicious and melted in the mouth.For greed’s sake, we also tried the double bacon and cheese beef burger, and again, if you’re appetite is screaming burger, you certainly can’t go wrong with this one.


Not that we needed more food, but how could we really get the whole picture without trying their sweet stuff? As we reviewed, sadly the menu was being changed, with quite a few desserts no longer available (boo!), but opted for two very strong contenders.

Although a lemon sorbet wouldn’t usually be my kind of dish, it worked a treat after such a meat heavy starter and main. Refreshing, tangy and an absolute palette cleanser.A little less delicate than the fruity sorbet, my choice of the cookie dough sundae was quite the beast.

Scoop after scoop of vanilla and cookie dough ice cream, the sundae was also layered with chunks of chocolate brownie and sauce, to only have a finale of whipped cream and wafers.Beast mode was activated, and I completed my mission of finishing. It was a pleasurable challenge.

And the only plan I had for the rest of the evening was to curl up in bed and hug my steak-loving food baby.  

If you fancy somewhere casual to get your teeth stuck into, Beefeater have fixed price menus with the extra bonus that their new summer menu is now live too.

Charlotte xox

*I was kindly offered a food voucher in return for an honest review. From one foodie to another, I’d never publish dishonest opinions about what I eat.
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