Be At One Opens Up Their Second Cocktail Bar in Leeds


Cocktail drinking, alongside eating, is genuinely one of the best things you can do in Leeds. Yes, I’m probably biased because I love and live in Leeds, but you are guaranteed a top time in this city.

Leeds is crammed with choices, with a restaurant and bar for everyone. And the best part, it’s all in walking distance.The latest addition to the city is Boar Lane’s Be At One cocktail bar. And if you’ve seen this name in the city before, no, it’s not because you’re not seeing double, but more than likely that you’ve spotted it on Millennium Square.

The brand has been around since 1998, and was launched by three bartenders who all once worked at TGI Friday’s. Their mission was to create a bar where bartenders can go to enjoy a drink.   Newest addition to their 34 sites, is this one on Boar Lane, which only opened up last month. Leeds in fact, was Be At One’s first northern venue, and is the only city now outside of London, that currently has to venues. Get in!

 This newcomer has been stylishly kitted out in an intimate set-up, with a classy blue gold interior. Don’t get me started on their bathroom, more so on their perfectly sized mirror. As for their menu, it’s extensive with plenty of choice, and I kid you not when I say there are over 150 cocktails to choose from.

Promising a cocktail style for everybody, the first spread on their menu is a cocktail wheel, categorising their concoctions, with combinations to appeal to those who prefer is creamy, or those who like it sour. And if you prefer smoky, fruity, or even spicy cocktails… Be At One will have it.The wheel also gives you more choices, and after selecting your style, you can choose your preferred spirit, and voila, a choice has been made.

For someone who is as indecisive as indecisive can be, this is perfect, and made my final choice of cocktail for the night very easy indeed.

We were showcased some of the teams favourite cocktails, including the Pornstar Martini, Jager Mega Drive, and the Pan Am which was a runner-up cocktail in the Bacardi Legacy competition.The Chica Caliente was an interesting drink, and as the name may give away, is a perfect cocktail for the fiery soul. A fruity blend of tequila, vanilla liqueur, passionfruit puree, vanilla syrup, lime juice and tobacco, it’s one that’ll spice up your night.

Be At One also serves up a range of Swedish and virtuous cocktails, an interesting range if you’re looking to try something different. On the night, we did try one of these less traditional cocktails.It’s not one that I’d not necessarily go for, yet offered great entertainment watching everyone try it. Known as the Svenska Detox, this blend of vodka, lime, agave, and pineapple sounds delicious, yet the questionable ingredients of spinach and kale completed the virtuous cocktail.

It’s quite the bold drink.

Intended to be healthier, with a lower alcohol content, for a night out, it’s not quite the drink for me, yet for a pre-morning run, yeah, possibly.

That being said, there are another 150 cocktails to try.

As for my three favourites of the night:   

1. Shaky Pete’s

A fabulously surprising combination of gin, ale, lemon juice, and ginger syrup. Oh my, what a mix, a must try. Think a glamorous shandy.  

2. Popster

A-MAAAA-Zing! Feed me a Popster all night long and I’m your gal. You’ll find this drink of the creamy page of the menu, where you’ll pretty much find me working my way through drinking all of them. This Popster, though, is sweet, salty, and the perfect drink for anyone who loves popcorn. The Butterscotch schnapps, popcorn and vanilla ice-cream turns this drink into a dessert with layers of flavour.

3. Buenot

I’m tempted to call this drink a BuenDO, because this the one you have to try. The ultimate adult’s milkshake with the taste of Kinder Bueno. This drink is unreal. Mozart white chocolate liqueur, Kahlua salted caramel, ice-cream, and of course, white Kinder Bueno. My mouth is watering just writing this.Having looked through the menu though, I’m already looking forward to head back and try the Blueberry Muffin, Rasbeery, Rhys’s Pieces, White Mocha Tini, and the Painkiller. 

And if the cocktails aren’t enough of a selling point, you might even catch the bar staff doing on our their routines to “It’s Raining Men”…

Are there any cocktails that have tickled your fancy? 

Comment below, I’d love to know.

Charlotte xox 

*I was invited to the launch night of Be At One in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my very own. 
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