My autumn outfit style: knitted and cosy


It’s cold, it’s dark and I quite like it. Minus the rain and damp leaves, I find the autumn season a very humble and comforting time of the month. From food to nature, home decor and outfits, the tastes, colours and patterns exposed on the lead up to the winter months is provide a sense of warmth and cosiness. 

My autumn-winter clothes include some of my most favourite outfits and typically is a winning combo of denim jeans, a roll-neck jumper, heeled ankle boots and a piece of statement jewellery. Clothing that is fluffy, include frills or are made with a chunky cable-knit is a must, along with any mustard, burgundy or khaki colours, it’s almost impossible to say no to. My latest favourite outfit for the autumn though somewhat encompasses my favourite fashion trends for the fall, and more so, have been beautiful finds from shops that give second-hand clothing a new lease of life. 

Starting from the bottom, my gold heeled ankle boots that can add that extra pizazz to any outfit – with enough shine and sparkle to brighten up any cold, dark day. The heel is the perfect height for a comfortable day look, whilst also having that certain je ne sais quoi to transform an outfit ready to go ‘out out’.Looking at sole, these shoes are from a Spanish company called Lefties, but are actually from Micolet, an online store that sells on second-hand clothing.

My faded (and most favourite) black jeans are long-time-ago purchases from GAP. Anything goes with these. I decided to pair the jeans with a knitted mustard frill jumper. It has the most adorable frilled cuffs and turtle neck. The colour and pattern combination just screams cold weather. This autumnal gem was one of my favourite finds from the British Heart Foundation in Headingley. 

As for the Herringbone weave jacket, again this was a treasure found in Headingley at the Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice Shop. To clear out a lot of their items, they had launched a jumble sale selling all items for one pound or less. It fits like a glove – it’s from the petite range in Debehman’s, meaning the length and width is perfectly fitted. What I really enjoy from the full ensemble are the combinations of textures and accents, with the warm golds contrasting with the dark colours. A true favourite autumn winter outfit.

And what are your favourite trends this A/W?

Charlotte xox

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