Oh Hey, Autumn Glow!


Ah, Autumn. You bizarre season. There’s days I think you’re beautiful, and there’s days where you just suck. Just like how the the week has begun so far,  a decision had been made to bring miserable weather our way, boo! That being said, better weather is back on it’s way, which makes Autumn a stunning season to admire again. autumnglowSurrounded by golden, yellow and brown leaves, some still hanging tight onto the branches, others spread out on the ground, these colours are exactly what makes Autumn pretty. With days darkening quicker, the daylight is what you’re reminded of to appreciate, and any opportunity is taken to get out those sunnies when the Autumn sun makes an appearance. 

These sunglasses* have completely tickled me- from the design of the frame, to the cheetah pattern, to the warming sunset glow from the mirrored lens. Spot on. autumnglow4autumnglow10But I also like the darkness Autumn brings. It makes me look forward to the comfort of coming home to a warm house, warming food and everything fluffy to avoid those bitter chills. For my day at work, I love picking out the woolly’s and other cosy clothing (that are, I must admit, mostly burgundy, mustard or brown), and at home, the thermals come out.

With all the essentials in reach, Nathan, Cuthbert, a blanket and nibbles, makes snuggling up to on the couch very easy  to watch Christmas movies in preparation for the big ole season. Advocaat or mulled wine will very likely be in hand. autumnglow7autumnglow8 This year, I’ve taken the season change to a new level, and have permanently made my hard-sole fluffy slippers ‘under the desk’ footwear.  Game changer, I tell you. With a microwavable bean bag and hot water bottle stored in the drawers, I’m more than ready for Winter. 

But doesn’t Autumn make you really want to get out and about over the weekend – weather permitting of course – go for leisurely strolls and then tuck into whatever deliciousness you can find in a nearby cafe to escape the cold. 

What do you like getting up to in Autumn? 

Lots of Autumnal love,

Charlotte xox 

*This product was sent as a PR sample. All views are, of course, my own
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