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If someone asked me what my art is like, I’d definitely say I’m more of a Van No, than a Van Gogh.

I’ve never had that contemporary artistic flair when it comes to painting or drawing, let alone blending colours or having a good eye for composition. Ask me to draw Shrek, and a good ogre you will get.

And that being said, I have always enjoyed being creative – whether it looks good is another story, but fun regardless.Having been invited to an ArtNight session, I was hugely looking forward to seeing what it was all about. The concept is simple, choose your location, and you’ll be given a plethora of motifs and dates to get artsy with.

It’s ideal for any skill range or group size, great for booking onto alone, or even giving as a gift.

The session we were booked on was very casual and intimate. We had chosen the coastal scene motif with the venue being in Yard & Coop. Upstairs in a corner, eight tables were set up with all the equipment for the night.

Tiffany, our guide and artist for the session gave us a warm welcome and eagerly quizzed us about our relationship to art.After the introductions and a natter, the night commenced where we were creatively led from start to finish, until completion where we would walk away with our own masterpiece.  

Starting with a blank canvas, on a step-by-step approach, we saw our own interpretation of the coast come alive.

Along the way, we were given points and tips, taught techniques and variations of brush strokes, all the whilst having a little giggle and admiring each other’s creations.The evening was entertaining and the few hours we were there just seemed to fly by. The final outcome was a success – a very enjoyable night was had, creativity was stimulated, and all-in-all felt very relaxed and fulfilled.

The success of my artwork is debatable, although had some random passer-by’s compliment the work, but it is taking a rather stealthy place in spare room and will act as a colourful reminder just how fun it is to paint.  In July, I’m booked in for another art session, so we’ll see how worthy that art will be of a prime viewing location.

Masterpiece or not, I’m looking forward to a little feel-good for the soul.

Charlotte xox

PS. I was invited down by ArtNight to review their service. Views are my own.
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