Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs Saint Emilion Grand Cru – a tale of when two cultural art forms meet


Have you ever had that urge, that when you have something special, you simply want to savour it, keep it set aside for a certain moment, prolong its duration? Well that’s always been me, and I’ve recently been a very lucky lady to have a rather special bottle of wine fall into my hands, and I daren’t have opened it for a long time.

It’s silly, I know. Anyway, I listened to an interesting TED talk about keeping things for a special occasion, and it changed my outlook. Out came the bottle, a drink poured, and thoroughly enjoyed.

My special occasion, I decided, was enjoying that very moment.Life is too short to always wait for that special moment to treat yourself. And I had the most beautiful bottle of wine, sat in a spectacular case, just waiting to be enjoyed. And even after this wine is consumed, we’re left with a piece of art on the bottle, that I’ll likely place a flower inside, and a very pretty wooden box.

It stands grand with a regal title, Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs Saint Emilion Grand Cru, and its complexity from the name runs through truly into the wine. With rich and expressive notes of blackberry, plum and liquorice, the tannin is opulent, and a long finish can be expected. It’s juicy, aromatic and simply elegant. It’s a beautiful red that will make you feel a million dollars.The wine is made exclusively at Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs in the Saint Emilion region, the renowned Bordeaux wine region. Yet the exquisiteness of the wine is showcased by the affiliation to its grand cru vineyard, a desired indication that the wine has passed a special tasting panel. In a nod to its own history, the shape of Art Russe bottle plays importance, as it has been crafted to honour the ancient Bordeaux amphora-like vessels. The theme of elegance flows not only through the wine but its aesthetic too, thanks to a magnificent collaboration with the Art Russe foundation in a unique collection of wine and art. In an exemplary project which fuses together two art forms – that of winemaking and that of painting.

Over the vintage collection, 12 world-renowned pieces of Russian and Soviet art can be admired. The artwork you see on the bottle we have, We Are Not Afraid, forms one of a six part series by Roerich.Each year, limited numbers are produced, so I am very grateful to have my own, but there is one restaurant that has elevated the wines to the next level for a gastronomical journey. Michelin star chef David Gallienne of Le Jardin Des Plumes in Giverny has taken the wines which marry the anthology of flavours of an inventive, light and plant-based cuisine. The recipes have been designed as an alliance of taste and visual impact, while also drawing inspiration from the art labels.

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