Goodbye 2016, it’s been a year of new experiences


As if another year has come and gone. Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017. I say it every year, but seriously, where has time gone? My mum did warn me- the older you get, the quicker it goes. 

Of course, with the end of anything, whether it’s a holiday, a job, an experience, a project, there’s always a reflective point. Getting back into the swing of things again with work and home, I’ve hit that reflective point now.

2016 has been top. So many exciting new things happened, and so many moments I was glad to capture. I could really write the longest list of all the things I have enjoyed, and all the things I am grateful for.  

And if there was one thing I would say described last year, it would be new and exciting experiences.  


Particularly the last half of the year was one where I really felt there was a spark of motivation. With Nathan deciding that he wanted to get back into regular sport, we both decided to join a sports team. Badminton for Nathan, and Hockey for me. And six months on, we’re still going, and it’s a good feeling knowing you’ve kept at it and that it’s not just a fad.


Even in our free time, if we’re not building furniture, tending to our garden with a bit o’ TLC, or out hiking, we’re more than likely hanging with weak arms and shaky legs at a bouldering centre. This has got to be the most random sport that I never had thought I’d have taken up. And I absolutely love it. Both the satisfaction of completing a climb, and how overwhelming others can be.  There’s climbs for short people, tall people, light, heavy, you get the gist. 


I even rode, or drove, my first Swegway. It’s pretty tough.  Videos exist of people swegwaying, twisting and turning, with flips and tricks, and it looks easy. I take that all back. My first experience on a swegway was brilliant, and whilst it definitely took some time to find my feet, the moment I was able to unbalance (yes, key to mastering the swegway is not to balance!) and sweg away, was awesome.Swegway 2016It was such a bizarre feeling not being able to immediately control where you wanted the device to go, and even then when you could, fully trusting in yourself was a different story. 

In 2016, I successfully manoeuvred around on a swegway, and even came third place in a swegkart competition. Boo ya.  Swegway 2016

Nature watching

There, it’s blog official, I love nature watching. I’ve always liked nature, found it fascinating, but it’s been a combination of Autumn hitting our back garden and the newest interest in bird watching from Nathan’s family. Just being aware or knowing the names or random facts from birds has made me realise even more how awesome wildlife is. We’ve recently bought a bird house and feeder, plus plenty of nuts, to keep the birds and squirrels well fed, and neighbouring cats intrigued by our newest garden guests. 

With our new camera lens we received this Christmas, be sure to expect plenty of evidence too. 


Happy Saturday. This morning we woke up early to see the sun rise and now we’re on bird and squirrel watch

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And to finish off the year, we bought a bike shed. Woohoo. Finally, we have the space to actually store and use our bikes. After three years of convincing Nathan he needed a bike, two thirds of the way into 2016, Nathan became an occasional cyclist, meaning all we really needed was a designated home for the bikes. On Sunday, we actually had our first EVER cycle together, and we took a marvellous canal route to enjoy the day put together on two wheels. What a fabulous day, with plenty more rides to come in 2017. CanalBikeRideHow was your 2016? And is there one word you’d describe how your year went? 

I’d love to know. 

Lots of love,

Charlotte xox

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    I’ve always wanted to try out a segway, i had no idea you had to unbalance haha! x

    • Reply

      Maybe try and give it a go this year. It’s quite overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome. Would love to know how you get on and if the unbalancing trick works for you 🙂 xx

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    Bouldering looks so much fun! Need to try it this year for sure 😀 p.s. i totally love nature watching too, it’s kinda therapeutic!

    • Reply

      Oh it really is, you should definitely try it out. And I could seriously spend all day looking out our kitchen window spying on the birds and squirrels. Surprised I haven’t given them names yet! Haha.

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